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Set Up For Performance

Smart Content Cloud service is an enterprise IT solution aimed and optimized for extensive Content Management Systems (CMS) with hundreds of thousands of visitors per day.

Our goal is to provide a reliable infrastructure with maximum performance for a reasonable price.

How does it work?

Users’ requests on your website are redirected onto Smart Balancer at first, which immediately after accepting the request calculates an optimal strategy for the solution and then replies. The request is forwarded to Smart App Layer only when the smart algorithm evaluates a necessary utilization of the application servers for resolving the request.



We have the know-how!

Leave hardware and underlying computing system management to us! We have the know-how. What do we do to convince you?

  • We are monitoring every infrastructural element thereby preventing long lasting and unexpected outages.
  • We keep you well informed since you receive a report from us every week, consisting of current information about the condition of your infrastructure.

Our Cloud keeps you on toes

Smart Content Cloud is built so resiliently that it can endure even sudden increase of incoming requests during peaks. We guarantee that it won’t slow down even once the requests for performance shortly increase by 50 % of a normal amount.


Optimized for performance

You don’t have to carry out an expensive and time consuming optimization of your own infrastructure – we’ve already done it for you. Every component is optimally utilized so that you have the certainty of your infrastructure being pushed to its maximum.

Fixed costs

The solution doesn’t require high immediate investment to hardware. You don’t pay for its lease, neither for its management.

Reliability proven in practice

We offer the solutions for our clients long-term. Smart Content Cloud brings an end to experimentations with unverified hardware and unverified configurations, as well as puts a stop to unpredictable expenses on IT.

Flexible price

The cost of providing Smart Content Cloud service is based on your current operating requirements and adapts to them as you just pay for the performance capacity you actually need.


  • Česká Televize
  • Prima
  • Český Rozhlas
  • Reseller Magazine
  • Touax
  • DIIT
  • CDR
  • zemní plyn