SmartApp Layer consists of several computational nodes and forms the heart and core of the whole solution. They represent a set of infrastructural elements which runs the CMS itself.


How does it work?

  • Computational nodes located in SmartApp Layer accept requests coming from the gateway and calculate the website while communicating with the database and SmartDatabase Server.
  • SmartBalancer ensures optimal usage for each separate node so that none of them is overloaded.
  • That way the functionality and fast response of your application is ensured. We also guarantee that the used operation system, web server and interpreted language are always compatible with the CMS.

Thereby you can focus on the important – that your application can deliver an interesting content to your website’s visitors.


Service Pricing

In the case of SmartApp Layer, you pay only according to your current needs, i.e. the number of user requests the application layer will process per second.


Purchased by the piece

If you do not want to buy per volume, we have an alternative solution for you: buy individual nodes by the piece. However, there is one condition that individual nodes must not be overloaded in the long term. To determine the optimal load distribution, we have set the following criteria:

Criterion Description


If even one of the specified limits is exceeded, it is necessary to add another instance to the existing configuration, otherwise, the system response can slow down. And also in the case of a node, you need not to care about anything, because the service adds the requisite performance automatically.