In most cases it is appropriate to run a CMS application with a server dedicated for storing intermediate calculations of the application into operating memory. If the result of the intermediate calculation is already known, it doesn’t have to be calculated again. Using the SmartDatabase Servers leads to more savings in computing power along with operation costs of the whole solution.


How does it work?

Storing of the intermediate calculations is managed directly by the application’s code. Thereby your programmers have the utmost control over the whole process – they can determine which demanding results should be stored that way, for how long and when they can be loaded again. Since the operating memory is the fastest medium in the IT department, everything happens in a flick of a seconds. That way the processors are spared as well as the amount of requests for the database.


Service Pricing

For Memcached, you pay only the reserved capacity (GB).


Purchased by the piece

If you do not want to buy per volume, we have an alternative solution for you: buy individual instances by the piece.

Optimum SmartDatabase Server performance can only be achieved under certain operating conditions that are determined by the maximum number of queued requests

Criterion Description


If the capacity of SmartDatabase Server is exceeded, it is necessary to add another instance to the existing configuration, otherwise, there is a risk of slowing the whole system response. As you already know, you need not care about anything, because the service adds the requisite performance automatically.